Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Video Magic do?

A: Video Magic convert older video tapes formats, of various types, to modern formats such as downloadable computer file, memory stick or DVD/BluRay Disc.
Q. How do you transfer the tapes?

A. Your videos are played on professional video players. The quality is excellent, the definition of the original recording is preserved.
Q. How long does a typical transfer take?

A: That depends upon the size of the job. A normal transfer will be completed within 10 working days. If you need it sooner, i.e. for a present, then we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Q. Can the computer files and DVD's you produce be played in other countries?

A: Yes, there is no proble with computer files or HDE Blue Ray Discs. DVD's have different standards for some countries, however we can convert if we know the target country.
Q. Can you convert tapes from other countries that use different standards?

A: Yes, we can. Just advise us when you place the order.
Q. Can we have DVD/BluRay menus and titles for each tape if we choose to have a DVD/BluRay?

A: Yes, these come as standard.
Q. Can you edit the footage
for us?
A: Yes we can. We can supply your film on DVD with a time-code imprinted on it and you can indicate which bits you want and in what order. We have an edit decision list available for download here. There is an additional charge for this service please phone for details.
Q. Do you put each tape on its own DVD or combine them onto as few discs as possible?

A: We do whatever you require. As standard we will combine them onto the minimum amount of DVD's as this is the most convenient way for you.
Q. Will I be charged for a tape that is blank?

A: No.
Q. My tape is damaged will it repair OK?

A: This can only be tested if we have the tape. There is no charge for us to investigate. If we can not recover all or part of the tape you will not be charged for that tape transfer.
Q. Do you offer a repair only service without the transfer?

A: No. The repair often involves cutting out bad sections and hence splicing of the tape If you play the tape in a domestic machine, it may well damage your machine heads permanently. The repair is necessary for us to transfer and not intended as a repair for you to be able to play the tape. If this is what you require, then usually it is not possible. The only exception is if the break is at the very start or end of a tape. To this end return of the tape is usually pointless.
Q. Will I be charged for a tape that is blank or unwanted TV?

A: No, in the latter case we will contact you for clarity.
Q. How do you recycle the films?

A: The films are held for a few months to ensure you are happy with your conversion. They are then blanked in an electromagnetic degaussing machine and pulled apart. All metal parts and hard plastic parts are recycled and often reused. The blanked tape can not be and will go for incineration in a 'waste-to-energy' plant.
Q. If my conversion is supplied as a download, can family and friends view them too?

A: Yes if you want them to. We send you an email with a link to view and download the films, just forward the link to them.
Q. What is the difference between you supplying a film as a download and your cloud hosting?

A: A download link is just that. It is intended as a way to transfer your files to you, similar to dropbox. It will be live for only 2 weeks and can be sent to family and friends. Cloud hosting is a subscripion based service with a minimum of 12 months. It is like having a DVD online with all films available on a separate menu to view and download.
Q. Do you store our conversion when completed.

A: Yes we do in most cases. They are encrypted in our digital video vault and available if you loose or damage your copy. There is no length of storage, as we reserve the right to delete them as necessary. It should be for several years. If you as for them to be deleted, we will do this for you.
Q. Do you offer gift vouchers?

A: Yes we do offer gift vouchers. For more details please contact us on (01473) 257595, or go to the 'Contact Us' section of this website.
Q. What is the difference between conversions to Blu-Ray and DVD?

A: For tapes shot in standard definition there is no difference in quality, you can get more films on one disc. For high definition footage converting to Blu-Ray Disc offers the better quality but will require a Blu-Ray player.
Q. Will my original tapes be returned?

A: That's up to you. You can choose on the order form. Postage will be charged.
Q. Can you recommend a good video editing program to edit the computer files?

A: Yes we can. On the Mac I would suggest using I-Movie, it is easy to use and fully functional. For PC or MAC try Shotcut it is simple and free.
Q. Is there any tapes that we can not send in?

A: We will not copy copyright tapes ie not tapes that are available for purchase. We will not copy or return any material which is obscene or extreme pornography as detailed in Part 5 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.